Hire Minds Inc.

Writing Services

We create Copy that truly speaks. With over 600,000 words (according to the Oxford English Dictionary) to conjugate, twist, inflect, and group, we really have no excuse. Words that resonate, inform, amuse, grip and sometimes, even tickle. Wordsmiths we are, but imitations we never craft. Good copy means not having to.

Speak their language

You just have to look at a smart slogan, a clever catch-phrase, or a really informative web page to know the power of good copy. They’re effective because they effectively got through to you or, from your point of view, you ‘got it.’ It’s not about big words, fancy words, or repeating a successful message with different words. You want to convey your point as originally as you can and targeted specifically to your audience. Your customers understand you and in turn, feel understood.

Method to the madness

Great copy begins with your business – its values, mission, and reason for being. What sets you apart and why should anyone care to do business with you? Emphasizing the positive aspects of what you offer and will continue to offer is the key. Style and tone are then the means of your customers hearing you say the words. The words get infused with the personality and life you believe your customers will appreciate. It all comes together when you decide how verbose or brief you want to be.

We achieve conscious conversation.

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