Hire Minds Inc.

Web Content

You want to connect with your customers online. You wish you can get on Messenger and chat every single one up, convincing them of why you’re the greatest. The next best thing, failing that, would be to put up copy that speaks for you and engages them so they’re thinking and feeling the way you want them to. Effective web copy should be useful, coherent, and concise... without being confusing, rambling, or smug.

"Why should I care?"

Every site needs to speak. It conveys the value you have to offer; as if you were making the pitch yourself... except it faithfully stays up online (to make up for those days when you’re off your game). Content worth its weight in online space grabs attention; it’s easy to read; it’s presented and structured intelligently; and above all, convinces. The content works if they leave your site having read most of what you’ve got to say.

"How do you do it?"

It begins with content strategy – a term to suggest you care about what the customer experiences. We create content that delivers – no, liberates – your brand. From cakes and software to insurance and garden supplies, the right words grab the senses; frame the imagination; and have your customers anxious to use-buy-experience-whatever you intend. Organized and framed in a way that’s intuitive; with just the right pages; the proper use of headings or banners, you make that first and most important impression, last.

"What do you have to offer?"

Content Strategy | Available as part of all content writing or as standalone, we analyze your needs, customer requirements, intended experience, and frame a working content blueprint.

Small Business Sites | Encompassing most types of sites, content is written to engage your niche market and customer base, highlight your competitive advantage, and geared towards ‘the sale.’

Technical Sites | An offering targeting software, technology, financial, management, and other consulting firms, we tailor dedicated and expert content for a knowledgeable audience.

Search Engine Optimization | Ensuring the main search engines ‘find’ your site, we engineer the content to be visible to those clever web crawlers that seek out terms, phrases, tags, and so on.