Hire Minds Inc.


Positive, Credible, Trustworthy, Original, Best – probably the top 5 words going through the mind of any copywriter when framing a company’s brand. We’re no different. What we add to the mix, however, is a real connection between your customer and your brand. Having a great image is well... great, but irrelevant if it doesn’t speak to your customer.

"Why should I care?"

Copywriting is an art as ancient as commerce itself, so it’s important to watch out for the same old methods of selling and marketing. Today’s customers are savvy and smart, so give them credit for it. They weren’t born yesterday, so good copywriting should speak to their informed minds, acknowledging what they already know. They’re also looking for a better value; for some creativity; to be pleasantly surprised, or even be intelligently amused. However, most important of all, they’re looking to see what separates you from the rest and why they should give you their business.

"How do you do it?"

We see where you are, what’s been tried before, what’s worked and what hasn’t, and why. Understanding the past helps frame the present and future, so we do our homework. Our copywriting is very much purpose-driven, so we gauge your mission and overall business strategy. Next up is the audience to whom you speak. What do you know about them? Are there any gaps in knowledge? What sort of relationship do you wish to build? Armed with this, the words just flow. A bit of quality control optimized for delivery and impact, and you have copy that works.

"What do you have to offer?"

Branding | Creating your image, gaining loyalty, framing user experience, and attaching brand preference; content that appeals to the emotion-driven rationale of your customer base. 

New Launch | Delivery of business promotional content, key product/service offerings, and sales announcements; highlighting your company mission and commitment to customer service.

Sales Campaign | Geared towards sales generation, market expansion, or counteracting a downswing; content focuses on key offerings, initiatives, and benefits to existing or new markets.

Scripts | For a company's in-house, in-bound, out-bound, or out-sourced teams, scripts that focus on preserving branding while generating sales and highlighting your competitive advantage.

Press Releases | Like having your own Public Relations team, drafting smart, sensitive, and professional media release materials for a wide range of drivers and issues.

Print Advertising | From brochures and flyers to postcards and rack cards, succinct and effective copy framed intelligently to catch the eye and sell/promote at a glance.