Hire Minds Inc.

Design Services

We create Design that simply works. Before there was Flash, before Photoshop, before Java, there was just good marketing. We don’t adapt your goals to the tools; we adapt the tools to your goals. We happily provide you and your input a chair (each) at the decision table.

Your customers are our customers.

We focus on your existing relationship with your customers or if none exists, determine the sort of relationship you intend to foster. We create the ‘look and feel’ – the visual (and visually tactile) responses you want your customers to experience. We ensure your message – your products, your services, your identity, your commitment – is communicated aesthetically and more important, effectively.

Yes, there’s a process.

We work from intelligent blueprints. We apply a bit of natural selection to a jungle of ideas and see what survives. We make sure the main elements – colour, font, size, space and layout – all get along with each other. We test and re-test the winning design for loyalty to message – the point.

We achieve purposeful presentation.

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