Hire Minds Inc.

We create persistent products.

Design Services by Hire Minds Inc. Info Graphics by Hire Minds Inc. Writing Services by Hire Minds Inc.

You’re our client.
You’re smart.
You work hard.


We’re Hire Minds Inc.
We play with the visual medium.
We tinker with the written word.

At the same time, you see your business as a long-term entity. Profits dip and rise like the tide, but value lasts. This is why customers return to you and this is why you’re in business. Playing and tinkering sound like fun, and that we are. We love what we do. But, we’re also serious about the bread and butter stuff. We help businesses connect with their customers.

You don’t confuse value with profit.
This is you.

We don’t confuse technology with talent.
This is us.