Hire Minds Inc.

About Hire Minds Inc.

Let’s go back to the good old days when people strolled on sidewalks and entered buildings to buy things. They walked into a store or office. They met the owner. She talked to her customers. They were always right. To satisfy them, she changed things around, from signage and displays to brochures. They appreciated it.

Believe it or not, this model still works. It withstands the test of passing fads, whimsical trends, and the latest jargon gurus and pundits preach. This is the model we work off of.

Don’t forget the customer

We’re not big into words like “synergistic value-added client sequestering” when we can just come out and say “keep the customer happy.” No amount of investment into branding or identity will benefit you if the customer doesn’t care for it or gets it. We’re built around the customer and we encourage companies to build themselves around the customer. Demonstrate your value and you’ll have them for life. We feel design and copy are but means to achieve this goal.

We’re big about the little things

We’re not a big company. There. We said it. We have designers and writers. They love working for us because we challenge them. We encourage them to push the creative envelope. We get them to ‘get’ the customer. They draw on big canvases; they think aloud; they pace about; they have “Eureka” moments; they’re passionate; and they care. Most of all, they listen and take suggestions well. They learn from our customers. In turn, our customers feel heard and acknowledged.

Try us

We work well with all personalities – serious, bubbly, talkative, reserved, grandiose, humble... So, don’t be shy (even if you are). Give us a ring, drop us an email, and let us know what we can do for you.